Go from losing trades to becoming a consistently profitable trader by developing a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the markets and gaining an instant edge in your trading.

What if you could START and FINISH every trading day confident, focused, motivated and optimistic? 

What if you could STOP worrying about every trade that could go wrong..... and start making trades go right? 

What if you could stop REACTING to the markets and start taking control of your profits? 

I get a lot of messages from traders who have done the work, spent the money on a trading course & are still not profitable in their trading. 

“I lost $1,500 on non-farm payrolls and don’t know why.”  

  • They are not making money trading or worse, they are losing money. 

“Every time I enter the market, it moves in the opposite direction.” 

  • The markets feel random even though they have spent a lot of time and money learning trade strategies and trade set-ups 

“I see everyone else making money & think ‘what is wrong with me?’” 

  • It feels like they are the only ones who don’t “get it”. They thought they were a smart person with a successful career but now they are second-guessing themselves... 

Do you know anyone like this? 

Now a tougher question. When have you done this? 

Come on, don’t be shy. 

When have you let your own bad trading habits, mindset or over-dependence on “holy grail” indicators hold you back from getting the profits you really want? Targets you’ve set, plans you’ve made, profits you’ve dreamed about...  but even though you really wanted it... just didn’t happen. 

BAD TRADING HAPPENS TO SMART PEOPLE. This doesn’t just happen to emotional traders. It happens to successful people who have taken a course, are looking for good set-ups, have successful careers and are good at their day jobs. They have spent years on their careers, honing their skills, working their way up, but when it comes to trading... they can’t seem to be able to put the pieces together. 


Some people look for answers. What are the usual “solutions” they seek out? For a lot of people they begin searching for the holy grail strategy, the perfect indicator or search through hundreds of sites to find the “magic pill” system. But the heartbreaking thing is that they think there is just a perfect piece that will fix everything and then all their problems will disappear and they will make boatloads of cash. 

You and I need to know better. They are playing the wrong game entirely. 

The could get the holy grail strategy and … nothing would change. 

They could find the perfect indicator and … nothing would change. 

They could find the perfect system and … nothing would change. 

No matter how good your system is, no matter how many indicators you download, trading problems aren’t going away. You and I will always face them.  


If you really understand the markets, you can go into any markets and find profitable trades. 

Understanding the markets is: 

  • Having the confidence to know when to BE IN the markets and when to SIT IT OUT. 

  • The motivation to keep pushing, even when you go through losing streaks. 

  • The focus to know what to spend time on and what to ignore. 

  • The optimism to know it will all work out... and to have fun doing it! 

You and I will always face challenges. Most people will try to fix the symptoms – perfect indicator, holy grail strategy, and get-rich-quick schemes. 

But of all the successful traders that I know, none of them use fancy indicators or holy grail strategies, schemes. Not a single one. They focus on understanding the market, implementing their trade plan and knowing when to push hard and when to sit it out. 



Go from losing trades to becoming a consistently profitable trader by developing a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the markets and gaining an instant edge in your trading.

The Trade Vault is a private online mentorship that gives you the tools you need to crack the code of the forex markets and finally become a consistently profitable trader. 

Results After 90 Days


  • Get a mentor who is working together with you to do live market analysis & preparation so you can find the correct market direction, and hand-select the top 3 trade set-ups for the next day. 

  • My explanation of my exact thought processes behind my trades and HOW I’m looking into a particular set-up so you can understand the overall market, market direction and find the best trade set-ups to enter. 

  • Be a part of a supportive group environment where everybody is working towards up-leveling their trading game and working towards the same goal of being a successful trader.  


  • You are open to admitting that the way you’ve acted in the past may need to change if you want to achieve higher levels of trading success. 

  • You want to stop blindly trying the latest schemes for boosting your profits and start emulating successful traders. 

  • You’re focused on the long-term- and you understand there will be ups and downs, but that you can make huge gains by acting smarter. 

  • You have gone as far as you can on your own but you know “what got you here won’t get you there”- and you’re open to getting an extra push to cross the bridge to success. 

“What if I can not attend the live market analysis call?” 

Don’t worry. Each call is recorded and will be available to access at your convenience. 

“I don’t want to add yet another thing to my to-do list” 

The last thing we need is another thing to juggle. The trade vault is not just another set of to-do's that you need to force yourself to find time for. You will also receive a market analysis watch list that will give you an at-a-glance view of the market that will give you exact pairs that I am watching with entries and take-profit targets.  

If you are ready, you can learn the secret to understanding the markets so you can calmly, consistently and successfully work towards your trading goals.

Go from losing trades to becoming a consistently profitable trader by developing a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the markets and gaining an instant edge in your trading.

Monthly payments of $127

(That's only $4.17 a day)